Our Company


Founded in 1980, The Garlic Company has been producing high quality, California garlic products for more than 30 years. The company began as a simple packing house, selling whole bulbs of garlic to the marketplace. Over time, the company has advanced from a basic packing house to a unique food manufacturing facility.

In addition to offering quality whole bulb garlic, the company also produces garlic in freshly peeled, diced, sliced,  chopped, and minced forms. Concerning further, value added products, the company manufactures garlic in fresh/frozen pureed, shelf stable pureed, pickled, and juice forms. Its customer base is focused on the foodservice industry but also includes retail and industrial accounts.

The Garlic Company is strategically located in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The area is well known for not only a warm Mediterranean climate, but also rich, fertile soil. Both characteristics help to create the ideal conditions for growing garlic. Moreover, The Garlic Company’s vertically integrated structure also helps to ensure premium garlic. The company maintains its own seed program in Oregon, where each year, raw garlic bulbs are shipped to California, processed, and planted. By maintaining an “in house” seed program, The Garlic Company is in complete control of its raw material chain, ensuring not only consistent flavor but also complete traceability. 

The type of seed variety grown is also very important. The Garlic Company grows a variety of seed called “California Late,” well known for producing a true and robust garlic flavor which distinguishes this variety from other domestically grown and imported varieties. Studies have proven that “California Late” not only has a solid structure but also a higher brix level, which directly contributes to producing an award-winning garlic flavor. It is one reason many respected chefs opt for the overall quality of “California Late” garlic.

The Garlic Company’s product line has grown dramatically over the years, but the keys to its success have remained constant: Providing quality garlic to our customers is foremost. But, just as important, we offer exceptional customer service and the comfort of working with a trusted, reliable partner.